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World Environment Day

We are all seeing that there is a lot of change in the environment nowadays. The reason for this is ourselves. We should be more conscious of this and protect the environment. No one can do this alone, we have to do it together and make others aware too and join together. We are also realizing that we are getting natural disasters as a result of playing with nature. God is also angry with us. Now we have to improve the environment together.

~Jalpa ‘Zoya’

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Inspirational Quotes

You need patience and hard work to achieve your goal. Stay away whatever negativity comes to achieve your goal.


Let’s raise awareness. The more we know, the more we reduce risk. 

Let’s make the world cancer free,

Let’s make history.


Don’t worry about fear

It’s not severe

Turn fear into more power

Love fear, make it dear.


Prevent bad habit and love your good habit more than bad habit, bad habit will go itself.


Life is also like a movie, but in the movie there is a happy ending, but life’s end is uncertain.