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World Environment Day

We are all seeing that there is a lot of change in the environment nowadays. The reason for this is ourselves. We should be more conscious of this and protect the environment. No one can do this alone, we have to do it together and make others aware too and join together. We are also realizing that we are getting natural disasters as a result of playing with nature. God is also angry with us. Now we have to improve the environment together.

~Jalpa ‘Zoya’

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A letter to Mother Earth

As we all know that the burden on our earth is increasing. And nature is going towards destruction. All the natural resources of the earth are slowly disappearing. We should pay more attention to it. So today on Earth Day I have written a letter to our mother earth.

Dear, Mother Earth

Every New Year everyone makes a resolution. This year we have all taken a lesson of playing with nature.
Now we all take a pledge this year
that we will protect you.
So far, we humans regret whatever we did to you.
please, mother earth forgive all of us.


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God is always there

God poem

God is my father.

God is my mother.

God is my brother.

God is my sister.

God is my friend.

God is with me.

God talks with me.

God walks with me.

God is always there

When I was afraid.

God is in the stars.

God is in the moon.

In the sun, in the sky.

God is not separate from us.

God exists every where.


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खतरे में अस्तित्व

ऐ इंसान! तूने खूबसूरत सी धरा को, बदसूरत है कर डाला

बेजुबां जानवरों पर अत्याचार करने का, मिला है यह नतीजा

यह वहीं सृष्टि है जहाँ साथ रहकर भी, करते थे आपस में झगड़ा

आज देखो दूर रहकर भी, हुआ है एकजुट संसार सारा

हर जीव में है आत्मा बसती, कर रहा है यही कुदरत इशारा

सर झुका दे कुदरत के आगे, लेना है तुझे अब उसका सहारा

देख ए इंसान अभी भी वक़्त है तेरे पास, तू संभल जा जरा

वरना और भी खतरे में, पड़ सकता है अस्तित्व हमारा

जब तक न हो इसका समाधान, बस घर में ही बैठे रहना

इस तरह ही हमारे अस्तित्व को, ख़ुद हमें बचना होगा।

~ Jalpa