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Inspirational Quotes

You need patience and hard work to achieve your goal. Stay away whatever negativity comes to achieve your goal.


Let’s raise awareness. The more we know, the more we reduce risk. 

Let’s make the world cancer free,

Let’s make history.


Don’t worry about fear

It’s not severe

Turn fear into more power

Love fear, make it dear.


Prevent bad habit and love your good habit more than bad habit, bad habit will go itself.


Life is also like a movie, but in the movie there is a happy ending, but life’s end is uncertain.


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A letter to the doctors

As we all know that our current situation of epidemic of coronavirus. we all need care and security. and nowadays our doctors are doing good job. so here I have written this letter for showing my gratitude towards all the doctors who are doing the great work for all patients.

Dear doctors

You protect us every day, but these days on the corona epidemic, you are away from your family, day and night you are taking care of patients infected with corona without any selfishness and fear. Thank you for that. It is said that the doctor is the form of God, today the whole world is seeing this form together. Salute to your work. We are not afraid of the corona virus because we hope you will protect all of us from it. And will find vaccine for this disease.  Just want to say that you also take care of yourself and be safe. 

Thank you so much.

~ Jalpa