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My favourite colour

My favourite colour is white 

Because when I feel dark, it gives me light.

My favourite colour is blue

Because when I feel down, it reminds my value.

My favourite colour is green

Because when I feel old, it keeps me sweet sixteen.

My favourite colour is yellow

Because when I feel alone, it connects me with good fellows.

My favourite colour is pink

Because when I start to drown my mind, it becomes my brink.

My favourite colour is red

Because it keeps my worth alive, when my self love fade.

My favourite colour is black

Because when I go to my dark days, it brings me back.

You should love all the colours

Because they never let your life become colourless.

© 2020 Jalpa lalani ‘Zoya’ All rights reserved.

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The Lady Leader

Yes! I am the leader,

I climbed difficult steps of a ladder.

Faced Ignorance, Gained Tolerance,

Never gave up by performance.

Stayed with strangers without any honour,

With smile on face, no time for mirror.

Surrendered my body, even my soul,

But underestimated my whole role.

Made up my mind for taking a decision,

Not to allow revision, keep doing supervision.

Known by my personality,

Increase my inner quality.

Have to cross road without feeling loss,

Raise your voice, Be your own boss.

Hey! Lady! You are the boss,

Get up! And come across

© Jalpa lalani ‘Zoya’

© copyright 2020 Jalpa lalani ‘Zoya’

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