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Social distancing

A subtle virus deserted

the whole world

All roads are empty, 

lockdown all schools and malls

Do not gather together

But not to worry

do appreciate each other

It’s time to come closer

Stay indoors but it’s not 

about social distancing

Enjoy all family member’s

Love and make it interesting

Keep personal hygiene

Pay more attention

Wash your hands 

Wear mask on face

But spread affection

Eat healthy food

Cook with your partner

Have fresh meal 

on table together

Do work from home

But don’t let 

society distance

Don’t panic over condition

but Don’t forget 

about your safety

Awake all the people

Around you seriously

Remember that prevention

Is better than cure

But it’s not just a quote

Don’t fear of the 

Corona pandemic 

Just be strong.

~ Jalpa


I am a tuition teacher and a published author on Amazon. Read my books of Hindi poetries & Shayari. Three books have been published on Amazon and two books on notionpress. Which are as follows: 'कुछ अनकहे जज़्बात' / 'आख़िर दिल है हिन्दुस्तानी'-वतन की खुश्बू /'ऊँची उड़ान'- with the wings of patience /'तक़दीर से उम्मीद'/ 'आगाज़-ए-शायरी'. Many compositions published on various well-known forums. Participated in many competitions and got awards and certificates. I continued to put life experiences into words that are simple, beautifully provided by God. I hope to reach the heart of the readers.

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